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Comparison of traditional cloud-point extraction and on-line flow-injection cloud-point extraction with a chemiluminescence method using benzo[a]pyrene as a marker 会议论文
, Teramo, ITALY, MAY 24-28, 2005
Authors:  Song, GQ;  Lu, C;  Hayakawa, K;  Lin, JM
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On-line Flow-injection Cloud-point Extraction  Traditional Cloud-point Extraction  Chemiluminescence  Benzo(a)Pyrene  
Carbonate-catalyzed chemiluminescence decomposition of peroxynitrite via(CO2)(2) intermediate 会议论文
, San Diego, CA, SEP 21-24, 2003
Authors:  Lu, C;  Lin, JM
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Water Analysis  Haloacetic Acids  Halogenated Compounds  Acetic Acids