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Factors Influencing Earthworm Fauna in Parks in Megacity Beijing, China: An Application of a Synthetic and Simple Index (ESI) 期刊论文
SUSTAINABILITY, 2022, 卷号: 14, 期号: 10, 页码: 6054
Authors:  Xie, Tian;  Li, Xuzhi;  Wang, Meie;  Chen, Weiping;  Faber, Jack H.
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不同国家土壤生态筛选值比较与启示 期刊论文
环境化学, 2022, 卷号: 41, 期号: 3, 页码: 1001-1010
Authors:  李勖之;  姜瑢;  孙丽;  郑丽萍;  王国庆;  龙涛;  林玉锁
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生态筛选值  直接接触毒性  二次毒性  风险评估  生物有效性  土壤  
不同国家农用地土壤环境标准比较与启示 期刊论文
环境科学, 2022, 卷号: 43, 期号: 2, 页码: 577-585
Authors:  李勖之;  姜瑢;  王国庆;  陈玉东;  龙涛;  林玉锁
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农用地  土壤风险管控标准  农产品质量安全  生态安全  生物有效性  
应用物种敏感分布法建立铅的生态安全土壤环境基准研究 期刊论文
生态毒理学报, 2021, 卷号: 16, 期号: 01, 页码: 107-118
Authors:  李勖之;  郑丽萍;  张亚;  冯艳红;  杜俊洋;  孙丽;  李敏;  姜瑢;  王国庆
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  物种敏感分布曲线  土壤环境基准  
污染场地土壤生态风险评估研究进展 期刊论文
应用生态学报, 2020, 卷号: 31, 期号: 11, 页码: 3946-3958
Authors:  王美娥;  丁寿康;  郭观林;  李勖之;  姜瑢;  张媛;  谢天
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土壤复合污染  联合效应评估  生物有效性  评估终点  证据-权重法  
Evaluation of joint toxicity of heavy metals and herbicide mixtures in soils to earthworms (Eisenia fetida) 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES, 2020, 卷号: 94, 页码: 137-146
Authors:  Li, Xuzhi;  Wang, Meie;  Jiang, Rong;  Zheng, Liping;  Chen, Weiping
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Siduron  Polymetallic contamination  Multiple biomarker responses  Multivariate analysis  Bioaccumulation  
Changes in the integrated functional stability of microbial community under chemical stresses and the impacting factors in field soils 期刊论文
ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS, 2020, 卷号: 110, 页码: 1-12
Authors:  Jiang, Rong;  Wang, Meie;  Chen, Weiping;  Li, Xuzhi;  Balseiro-Romero, Maria
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Chemical stress  Soil microbial community composition  Soil microbial community function  Stability  Biodiversity  
Ecological risk of combined pollution on soil ecosystem functions: Insight from the functional sensitivity and stability 期刊论文
ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, 2019, 卷号: 255, 页码: -
Authors:  Jiang, Rong;  Wang, Meie;  Chen, Weiping;  Li, Xuzhi;  Balseiro-Romero, Maria;  Baveye, Philippe C.
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Combined pollution  Functional sensitivity  Functional stability  Soil microbial communities  Ecological risk assessment  
Mechanisms and uncertainties of Zn supply on regulating rice Cd uptake 期刊论文
ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, 2019, 卷号: 253, 页码: 959-965
Authors:  Cai, Yimin;  Xu, Weibiao;  Wang, Meie;  Chen, Weiping;  Li, Xuzhi;  Li, Yonghui;  Cai, Yaohui
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Zinc  Cadmium  Antagonism  Chelator-buffered  Uncertainty  
城市化对土壤生态环境的影响研究进展 期刊论文
生态学报, 2019, 卷号: 39, 期号: 4, 页码: 1154-1164
Authors:  谢天;  侯鹰;  陈卫平;  王美娥;  吕斯丹;  李勖之
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城市化  城市土壤  土壤退化  土壤动物  土壤微生物  生态系统服务功能