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Tissue distribution of sodium p-perfluorous nonenoxybenzene sulfonate (OBS) in mice via oral exposure 期刊论文
ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL, 2022, 卷号: 165, 期号: 0, 页码: 107289
Authors:  Zhou, Longfei;  He, Sisi;  Shi, Yali;  Cai, Yaqi;  Zhang, Chunhui
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茶叶中高氯酸盐的离子色谱串联质谱分析 期刊论文
环境化学, 2022, 卷号: 41, 期号: 2, 页码: 572-580
Authors:  张志敏;  史亚利;  王文倩;  孙桂容;  张春晖;  蔡亚岐
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Recovery of iron from iron-rich pickling sludge for preparing P-doped polyferric chloride coagulant 期刊论文
CHEMOSPHERE, 2021, 卷号: 108, 页码: 1-7
Authors:  Yang, Bo;  Jiang, Shan;  Zhang, Chunhui;  Zhao, Guifeng;  Wu, Mengmeng;  Xiao, Nan;  Su, Peidong
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Photo-electrocatalytic degradation of cyclic volatile methyl siloxane by ZnO-coated aluminum anode: Optimal parameters, kinetics, and reaction pathways 期刊论文
SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 2020, 卷号: 733, 页码: 1-9
Authors:  Tang, Jiawei;  Zhang, Chunhui;  Wang, Liangliang;  Hu, Yufeng;  Su, Peidong;  Wang, Wenqian;  He, Xuwen
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Removal of COD, NH4-N, and perfluorinated compounds from wastewater treatment plant effluent using ZnO-coated activated carbon 期刊论文
WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 2020, 卷号: 81, 期号: 11, 页码: 2459-2470
Authors:  Tang, Jiawei;  Liu, Yu;  Su, Peidong;  Quan, Jingwei;  Hu, Yufeng;  Wang, Wenqian;  Zhang, Chunhui
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Synergistic Features of Superoxide Molecule Anchoring and Charge Transfer on Two-Dimensional Ti3C2Tx MXene for Efficient Peroxymonosulfate Activation 期刊论文
ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 2020, 卷号: 12, 期号: 8, 页码: 9209-9218
Authors:  Ding, Mingmei;  Chen, Wei;  Xu, Hang;  Lu, Chunhui;  Lin, Tao;  Shen, Zhen;  Tao, Hui;  Zhang, Kai
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全氟/多氟化合物分析方法的研究进展 期刊论文
色谱, 2020, 卷号: 38, 期号: 03, 页码: 287-296
Authors:  贺思思;  史亚利;  蔡亚岐;  张春晖
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钛基改性DSA电极氧化法去除水中全氟化合物 期刊论文
环境科学学报, 2019, 卷号: 39, 期号: 10, 页码: 3418-3426
Authors:  张春晖;  刘宗;  杨博;  李彩璇;  史亚利;  徐琳;  蔡亚岐;  孟晓飞;  吴笑宇;  李锁阳;  潘毅;  颜正
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Distribution of methylsiloxanes in benthic mollusks from the Chinese Bohai Sea 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES, 2019, 卷号: 76, 页码: 199-207
Authors:  Zhi, Liqin;  Xu, Lin;  He, Xudan;  Zhang, Chunhui;  Cai, Yaqi
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山东某污水处理厂中环型和线型甲基硅氧烷的行为归趋 期刊论文
环境化学, 2018, 卷号: 38, 期号: 2, 页码: 422-432
Authors:  曲垚;  徐琳;  蔡亚岐;  智丽琴;  张春晖
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